DrChrono Partners with Lief Therapeutics to Help Physicians Remotely Monitor Patients’ Mental Health as More Visits Go Virtual Due to COVID-19

Lief Team
March 30, 2020 • 1 min read
DrChrono Partners with Lief Therapeutics

 DrChrono, the company enabling the medical practice of the future, announces new partnership with Lief Therapeutics. Lief provides a discreet, FDA Class II ECG patch that improves the gold standard biomarker for mental health, heart rate variability (HRV), through personalized biofeedback training. In addition, Lief’s virtual behavioral health coaches help extend physician’s care teams through secure, one-on-one patient support through its remote patient monitoring platform.

Lief Therapeutics is now leveraging DrChrono’s Open API to enable providers to seamlessly connect patients to mental health resources. Providers can take advantage of Lief’s plug-and-play model, which determines patient eligibility, ships a Lief device directly to the patient’s door, and assigns them a dedicated behavioral health specialist, all fully remotely.

Lief’s biomarker reports and clinical support services are insurance reimbursable, and automatically integrate with patient’s existing electronic health record (EHR). By giving providers access to patient biomarker data in conjunction with their self report, Lief enables more accurate assessments of patient mental health than ever before. 

“With the COVID-19 crisis, we see a dramatic reduction in face-to-face mental health services, as well as an increase in patient symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Lief’s virtual behavioral health coaches and wearable smart patch empower patients to improve their mental health without coming into the clinic. Teaming up with DrChrono allows important biomarker data to become part of the patient’s electronic health record, and gives physicians an innovative tool to add to their telemedicine arsenal so they can improve patients’ mental health remotely.”

Rohan Dixit, CEO & Founder of Lief Therapeutics

“Telemedicine tools right now are critical to physician practices as more appointments in the coming weeks and months go virtual,” said Daniel Kivatinos, COO and Co-Founder of DrChrono. “It is important for us to partner with breakthrough smart device companies like Lief Therapeutics to arm physicians with real-time data on patients. Wearable device companies are the wave of the future and the fact that this can be done remotely is essential for what’s going on in the world today.”

Lief is currently offering a one month free promotion for healthcare providers interested in using Lief Rx with their patients. Providers may visit getlief.com/healthcare_provider to sign up. Patients can reach out for assistance in determining eligibility for Lief Rx by visiting getlief.com or emailing hello@getlief.com

About Lief Therapeutics
Lief Therapeutics offers a remote patient monitoring platform for mental health for healthcare providers, and virtual behavioral health coaching and biofeedback training for consumers and patients. Lief Rx, Lief’s prescription-only device for patients, is indicated for HRV-based relaxation training, which, as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help reduce the risk of anxiety and depression. For more information about Lief Therapeutics, visit www.getlief.com.

About DrChrono
DrChrono focuses on bringing the medical practice of the future to reality; the company built the first iPad EHR. DrChrono creates the best electronic health record, practice management, medical billing and revenue cycle management experience for physicians and patients; the health platform was built for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and the web. The EHR includes customizable medical forms, e-prescribing, real-time patient eligibility checks, patient portal and more. The Healthcare Partner Platform Marketplace offers a multitude of apps that a practice can select from to bundle in and a medical API for healthcare app developers. DrChrono has attracted thousands of physicians, over 17.8 million patients, 69 million appointments booked and 11 billion dollars in medical billing processed in the platform. For more information about DrChrono, visit www.drchrono.com.

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