Lief Therapeutics Announces Agreement with Genoa Telepsychiatry to Launch Nationwide Remote Mental Health Service

Lief Team
April 16, 2020 • 2 min read
Lief Therapeutics Announces Agreement with Genoa Telepsychiatry

The need for remote health care services grows with the evolving COVID-19 crisis. In particular, those with mental health care concerns, such as anxiety and depression, need alternative methods to continue their self-care while reducing face-to-face contact. Lief Therapeutics provides seamless access to tele-mental health services through its remote patient monitoring platform, which includes a discreet wearable device and virtual behavioral health coaches.

Aiding access to remote monitoring platforms like Lief, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has expanded its Medicare telehealth coverage during the COVID-19 crisis, enabling more patients to get virtual care services from their doctors without traveling to a healthcare facility, or worrying about affordability.

Lief’s wearable Smart Patch tracks and improves the emerging gold standard biomarker for mental health, heart rate variability (HRV), while its clinician dashboard enables healthcare providers and Lief’s behavioral health coaches to remotely monitor patient progress. Adding to these offerings, individuals can now be directly connected to mental health services with or without a primary care provider’s referral. Lief’s platform can be a one stop shop for those seeking personalized HRV biofeedback training in conjunction with expert feedback from licensed mental health providers.

Lief’s recently inked agreement with Genoa Telepsychiatry, part of OptumRx and a leading outpatient telepsychiatry community in the U.S., enables individuals to access a mental healthcare provider through Lief’s mobile platform, no matter where they are.

Approximately 111 million people live in “mental health professional shortage” areas, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 60% of U.S. counties have no practicing psychiatrists, and most of those counties are rural, according to a New American Economy report. The nationwide shortage of psychiatric providers has made it increasingly difficult for many to access mental healthcare, particularly those in underserved communities.

Telepsychiatry has emerged as a solution to lack of access to mental health care because it enables patients to see providers remotely over secure video-conferencing technology. As the need for social distancing grows during this unprecedented global pandemic, so too does the need for remote access to mental health care tools.

Genoa Telepsychiatry serves behavioral health communities in more than 35 states and provides care to more than 250,000 individuals annually. Coupled with Lief’s access to biomarker data and HRV biofeedback training, Genoa’s telepsychiatrists can provide behavioral health support to help individuals manage their mental health more holistically.

“The field of mental health has been missing objective data to help guide excellent clinical decision-making and convergence on best practices and standards of care. Lief’s work establishing valid biomarkers is an important step towards bringing more objective data into the behavioral health arena.”

Samir Malik, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Genoa Telepsychiatry

Lief’s agreement with Genoa Telepsychiatry enables individuals to access innovative mental health care solutions directly, cutting down on wait times and reducing barriers to care. Lief’s novel direct to consumer telemedicine offering empowers those in need to improve their mental health using personalized HRV biofeedback training, as well as expert guidance from telepsychiatrists and Lief’s HRV coaches.

Lief Therapeutics is currently offering 10% off new users’ first month’s subscription to its direct to consumer telemedicine services with code NEWYEARSLIEF10.

About Lief Therapeutics
Lief Therapeutics offers biofeedback wearables for mental health to consumers and patients, access to telepsychiatrists, and a remote patient monitoring platform for healthcare providers. Lief Rx, Lief’s prescription-only device for patients, is indicated for HRV-based relaxation training, which, as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help reduce the risk of anxiety and depression. For more information, visit

About Genoa Telepsychiatry
Genoa Telepsychiatry increases provider availability for underserved communities. Clinical sessions delivered using Genoa Telepsychiatry’s platform may be reimbursable by Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial payers. Genoa Telepsychiatry’s cutting edge, HIPAA-compliant software is easy to use and optimized with features so all the tools needed to manage and operate a successful telepsychiatry program are built in. For more information, visit

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