A Deep Dive Into Heart Rate Variability and Lief On the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

Lief Team
March 13, 2020 • 1 min read
A Deep Dive Into Heart Rate Variability in Fitness Podcast

How to use HRV to optimize your sleep, stress, recovery, performance, nervous system balance, and much more…

During this episode of Ben Greenfield Fitness, Dr. Wiles covers research on HRV, HRV basics, and HRV devices, including his favorite, the Lief Smart Patch.

Dr. Wiles is a clinical health psychologist with a passion for helping others reach their full potential from an integrative and holistic perspective. Dr. Wiles has worked closely with elite athletes and executives on enhancing peak performance through his online consulting agency, Thrive Wellness and Performance, which focuses on training and regulating psychophysiology for performance.

Listen more to find out why Dr. Wiles loves Lief the most and recommends it to his clients. 

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