Lief Therapeutics chats with Stigma Podcast about the importance of heart rate variability to mental health outcomes

Lief Team
February 20, 2020 • 1 min read

Lief Therapeutics chats with Stigma Podcast



Rohan Dixit, CEO and Founder of Lief Therapeutics, chats with Stephen Hays, creator of “Stigma”, a podcast on mental health, wellness and recovery. You can read more about the Stigma Podcast and listen to conversations with entrepreneurs, leaders, and others on how mental health has impacted their lives here.

Stephen is also the founder of What If Ventures, a VC fund investing primarily in early stage startups focused on solutions in mental health and addiction recovery.

Lief Therapeutics chats with Stigma Podcast

Stephen Hays, Founder of What If Ventures & Creator of Stigma Podcast

After decades struggling with addiction and type 1 bipolar disorder, Stephen was able to experience a transformative change in his life with the help of his loving wife and children, his father, and close friends. More of his story with addiction can be read here.


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