Lief Rx Streamlines Insurance Eligibility Process and Announces New Chief Medical Officer

Lief Team
June 1, 2021 • 1 min read
Lief Rx Streamlines Insurance Eligibility Process

Lief Rx’s remote patient monitoring program for mental health is covered by many insurance plans in the U.S. Now, Lief has made it easier than ever to assess insurance eligibility for their telemedicine program through a secure 8-question screener on their website. Respondents will automatically find out whether their insurance can cover the monthly cost of the Lief Rx program. Afterwards, eligible respondents are advised to contact their insurance company to confirm the specifics of their plan’s coverage, and are invited to sign up for Lief Rx’s reimbursable telemedicine service.

In addition to launching the automated insurance eligibility screener for telemedicine patients, Lief Rx has appointed a new Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ron Gharbo. Dr. Gharbo specializes in Polytrauma Rehabilitation, Integrative Pain Medicine and Neuromuscular Electrophysiology. He brings a wealth of experience incorporating heart rate variability biofeedback into his clinical practice to serve patients with chronic conditions, including anxiety disorders. Dr. Gharbo shares his guiding philosophy on the benefits of the Lief program:

“Lief helps patients harness their physiology as a tool to rewire their brain. Remotely quantifying improvements in autonomic nervous system biomarkers will transform clinical care for behavioral health.”

-Dr. Ron Gharbo, Chief Medical Officer at Lief Therapeutics

“We are delighted that Dr. Gharbo is taking on the role of Chief Medical Officer for Lief Rx’s growing telemedicine business. Dr. Gharbo brings extensive experience leading a clinical practice that focuses on a whole body approach to better mental and physical health. His medical leadership will help us provide the best care to remote patients who are interested in adding a non-pharmacological biofeedback tool to their mental healthcare,” says Rohan Dixit, CEO of Lief Therapeutics.

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