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Why HRV Might Be The Most Important Mental Health Indicator You’ve Never Heard Of

For the last 100 years, we’ve lacked effective biomarkers to help diagnose and treat common conditions, like anxiety and depression. Heart rate variability (HRV)...
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Lief Therapeutics Launches Lief Rx, World’s First Smart Patch For Mental Health, Now Covered By Insurance

Lief Therapeutics announces Lief Rx, the world’s first smart patch for mental health, is now covered under most U.S. insurance plans. Lief Rx is...
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5 Neuroscience-Based Tips To Improve Your Mental Health in 2020

Written by: Rohan Dixit, CEO & Founder of Lief Therapeutics It’s a new year 🎉 and the perfect time to lock in some new...
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